Rating Feedback for Dr. CLYNE (2158006)

The rating:
'I have been wearing mono-vision contact lenses for over 10 years and when I told her I needed an exam and new rx, she told me I had been using the wrong eye for the lense and would have to change. I informed her that would not work because I target shoot, she insisted on giving me a lense for the other eye. Now she has closed her office, I have no rx and I'm out $100.00.'
I remember you distictly. You were having trouble with your monovision and our test showed that you were wearing the lenses in the wrong eyes. I remember that you told me that you target shoot and I asked you to just try it the other way, and then come back for a follow up.
I did NOT close my office. I had been driving over 2 hours from home to get to Lumberton and Walmart informed me that very week that they wanted a doc who lived in close proximity to the office. I do not abandon my patients and assumed that there would be a new local doctor to follow up on you.