Rating Feedback for Dr. Seckin (2046649)

The rating:
'GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! Yes, this doctor is apparently an expert in his field...if you didn't know it he will let you know. Unfortunately he's not interested in actually helping patients in need unless you have a check or several credit cards to max out on his "expertise". His staff, Kim, is rude and acts as if she's doing you a great favor. There are other doctors who are just as knowledgeable you just have to find them...try Mt. Sinai Hospital. It's a shame to see what this doctor is doing...preying on people with difficult medical situations...so disgusting!'
Hi. My name is Connie Loren Walker. I have a face book page called "Awareness for Endometriosis Sufferers". I want the medical community to respect those who have endometriosis and work on finding a cure. More importantly to make cash doctors like setkin obsolete. While he may be a great surgeon the average American can't afford 25,000 co-pays for a surgery that more than likely you will have again. Please join my page and share your story about setkin.