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'Worst nightmare! N before u tell urself well its easy to sue someone, no! U have only 21/2 yrs in NY n when u r sick this is less time than u think. U would also be surprised how hard to find doc to look ur way after one has screwed u, nightmare. So please if u R telling urself well he has to pay if he makes a mistake, not always. He ****ed my insides (touched nerve), I could not walk, get out of bed for a yr bleeding to death too long story and remember endo helps conceal the true medcl mal another strike against u. Anyways if u don't know this doc he use to deliver to many lawsuits n needed something to outweigh his risk that us endo patients. Doc has more medical mal than any other check it out do a pers bckgrnd chck only NO doc chck!!!! If u r me and ur one of the ones he messed up for life n will never be able to work, have a pile of med bills ur life ruined no matter how bad u think u might be feeling don't let this quack ruin ur life. Run! I pray this helps someone else!'
Hi. My name is Connie Loren Walker. I have a face book page called "Awareness for Endometriosis Sufferers". I want the medical community to respect those who have endometriosis and work on finding a cure. More importantly to make cash doctors like setkin obsolete. While he may be a great surgeon the average American can't afford 25,000 co-pays for a surgery that more than likely you will have again. Please join my page and share your story about setkin.