Rating Feedback for Dr. Berenholz (2439030)

The rating:
'I knew something was wrong when he asked if I wanted a cosmetic "filler" (Restylane) injected into my outer labia to create temporary fullness. I did not ask about it, nor did I care for it. He then offered to enhance my G-spot by injecting Restylane there too. I did not ask anything about this. He then swiftly proceeded (in front of his staff-therefore I think he must do it often and think it's okay) to demonstrate where it was by inserting his fingers and telling me he's found it when I have the urge to urinate. This man is inappropriate and unprofessional. When I was his patient and had a gyn surgery, his response to my severe pain and allergic reaction to stitches was flippant. The scarring is disfiguring and cannot be corrected without a plastic surgeon. I consulted with one, but the expense was astronomical! STAY AWAY FROM DR BERENHOLZ.'
The office of Dr. Berenholz has never used or even owned Restylane.Our office stopped doing G-Spot injections 4 years ago because we were dissatisfied with the results. This posting is current and obviously an untruth. We have not received any complaints of disfigurement and that is after nearly 700 Labiaplasty!!!! We invite this patient to call us and show us her "disfigurement". If this patient is truly being honest, then contact us without any hesitation or fear and we will rectify her problem immediately. Does that sound inappropriate? We are dedicated to the highest level of care for our patients.