Rating Feedback for Dr. Lupul (1702982)

The rating:
'I`ve been seeing Dr. Lupul for several years & have never been happy with her as a physician, but due to the lack of doctors taking new patients in Airdrie, I`ve been forced to continue on as her patient. I find her to be very dismissive with any and all issues that I`ve come to see her about. I very rarely visit the doctor so when I actually do, it`s for something that I`m quite concerned about, so dismissiveness is not what I need. I recently saw her to get a referral to a pediatrician for my daughter and found her EXTREMELY rude and very unreluctant to issue the requested referral. Even my 8 and 11 year old daughters commented on her being so obviously rude. She indicated several times that the referral request would likely be denied and didn`t understand why she couldn`t simply handle whatever issues my daughter might have as a patient. That visit confirmed for me that I do, in fact, need to find a new physician and will be doing so.'
Dr Sheri is a good woman.

I used to date her. We were romantically involved, and I found her to be a good person. I have a very high opinion of her, and she treated me very well. I have absolute confidence in her, and I wouldn't even hesitate to hand her my son.

I think some of the posters here are splitting hairs, and essentially being "tattle-tales". Tough love is something all doctors should demonstrate.