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The rating:
'Dr. Lori Kahwajian has the worst bed side manner I have ever seen in a doctor.As someone with constant sinus infection, I went to her when my own gp was on vacation . When I explained all my symptoms she told me that one could not get a sinus infection without prior having a cold. This is not true as it happens to me often. Before she even examined me she gave me a hard time and told me there was no way I had a sinus infection because of my lack of symptoms.I told her she may be a doctor, but I know my own body and was almost 99% sure I had one. She was rude, cold, condescending and very ****y. She never said her name. She did not smile. When I told her how I was feeling it was as if she was laughing it off and I was wasting her time. She is not someone I would recommend to anyone. I walked out before she even treated me and told her if she were the Doctor at the clinic i would not go back.'
I am sorry that you felt that my bedside manner was lacking. Often, patients will see a doctor already having decided what their diagnosis is and what tests and treatments they need. However, as a trained medical professional, it is my job to use my judgment to diagnose, treat and sometimes educate my patients.

In the case of rhinosinusitis, I follow clear guidelines, which I took into consideration in your case. It is known that 1/2 to 2/3 of patients with sinus symptoms who visit primary care physicians are unlikely to have bacterial sinusitis because most sinus infection is caused by a virus. Several sources clearly state that antibiotics should only be considered in the following cases:
- symptoms last for >10 days
- symptoms are severe, including fever >38.8 or nasal discharge and facial pain lasting 3-4 days in a row
- symptoms are getting worse typically after a cold that lasted 5-6 days and initially seemed to improve.

Furthermore, imaging studies (such as x-rays), which you fervently demanded, are only of limited value and are not indicated in the initial assessment of the disease.

This being said, I am sorry you left before a thorough exam could be completed. It is common for patients to get upset when they are suffering and it seems that no one is willing to help them. However, I will not compromise my practice by simply ordering tests and handing out antibiotics as patients see fit. Please know that I do have your best interest in mind when treating you. Thank you.