Rating Feedback for Dr. Hussainy (819272)

The rating:
'My wife went to him with a consult for 4 teeth needing to be extracted under sedation since she had a serious infection. His staff couldn't find a vein to administer sedation so he determined that he would try NO and needles. She did take to the NO, so he had his staff physically restrain her while he proceded to administer needles while she tried to protest as loud as possile to the intense pain to no avail. She finally broke free from the two female staffers and stood up. He claimed she assaulted him when she called him an A**hole as she walked out of the chair crying. After explaining to me what happened, she realized that she still needed the work done no matter what kd of a man he was. She returned to chair only to be belittled an degraded by him in front of his staff, I guess to prove he was still a man. He is definately not very nice or customer-friendly. If he didn't have such a God-complex and ego. Too bad there are people who need his services enough to put up with his ego.'
If that's the case, you should sue him for assault.

And what the hell is wrong with you, letting your wife go back in there? Even if she has a severe infection, there is more than one dentist per state, county, city, town, or whatever.

Seriously, your wife confides how he treated her to you in tears and your response is basically, "Well, you DO need the work done, honey. Tell you what, go back in there and I'll post a bad review on the internet, everyone checks that! Much better than a lawsuit!" Are you really so out of touch?

And even if it was her decision, you would let your wife have work done by a man that not two minutes ago had assaulted her, and tried to claim falsely that she assaulted him?

Husbands are supposed to protect their wives, not let them be "belittled and degraded", which, by the way, wouldn't have happened if you had enough of a spine to get her out of there after the first assault!

I'll be honest, it's been a few days since I read what happened to her, and every time my jaw hurts like hell, I almost start crying, not for my sake, but because someone suffered so badly, and clearly alone. I went through something similar, on a smaller scale, and I've been a psychological mess for three and a half months; leaving my husband to pick up the pieces and you know what? Mine wasn't nearly as bad, I can only imagine what your wife is going through. In the past few days, I've had ****ing nightmares about it, and I'm not even her.

**** you.

I almost had him as a oral surgeon for the exact same procedure and do you know what his rating is, according to twelve patients, despite your bad review? 75% positive. Yours is buried under a cascade of contact information, it's not even the first review site.I only found this particular review after we cancelled, since he wouldn't let my husband be in the room.

Hell, I believe your story. If it's true, do the right ****ing thing and sue him for assault, malpractice, and verbal abuse.


I will point out also, that the first ****ing sentence is "switch to a new dentist."

Please do the right thing, even if you didn't protect her from him, you can at least protect God knows how many others.