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The rating:
'Was referred to Dr Kelly by Tricare and told that he has a high success rate. First visit was great; very attentive, but Tricare would not cover Suboxone at the time, and I HAD to be on it for him to treat me. Had to pay $320 a month for the meds, whereas all others were $3. Looked at my military pain clinic records and didn't really follow what had worked for me from the past 4 yrs.Changed my meds 5 times, never put on a breakthrough med, and didn't follow up my anxiety and sleep issues caused be pain. Told me to "Find my own psych." As far as the front staff goes, good luck. Rude, Know-it-all, never does call-backs (even when put in hospital for uncontrolled pain). Dr Kelly deemed me non-compliant after he saw my DEA records from hosp visit, but after explaining the sit., he said that I as "Lucky"... Needless to say I found a family doc who specializes in paliative care and haven't been happier. Stay away from Dr Kelly!'
Please let me know who you found - as I am looking for such a physician.