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'Dr Rupa is very effective when you have problems with conceiving. I have my friends who had problems with conceiving and with very few appointments with Dr Rupa they could all conceive (without any operation). But I would not recommend Dr Rupa for beyond that. We didnâ??t have any problem with conceiving however since we got good feedback from friends we ended up seeing her. Too many scans and we were told chances of normal delivery is not good at 34th week. We were told to pic ka date for C section. We took second opinion from 2 known doctors and there were no complications to rule out a normal delivery. It was too late for us to change the doctor .The day we pick for C section my wife had labor pain but even then ended up with C section. As a doctor she lacks confidence in such cases. If you are one of her patients and by luck if you get into labor before your due date then that is the only chance of you having a normal delivery with Dr Rupa. If uyou got time please change now.'
couples who find difficulty in conceiving, understand the significance of a healty live baby in their life. precious pregnancies are not to be taken lightly. for normal/natural conceptions, if anything goes wrong during normal delivery, there is always another chance to conceive. but during a precious pregnancy, the doctor has to make sure the couple have a live baby and a safe mother. there are couples who take daily precautions just to complete the pregnancy and have healthy baby. to say that the doctor lacks confidence, it's not fare. if any couple, after undergoing all the difficulty with fertility issues like spending time, money, efforts and all other emotional factors, says "Doc !! no matter what happens, i would want only a normal delivery come what may", then that is pseudo-confidence. there may be a genuine couple who would need medical assistance like a C-section and have a healthy baby. if some husband or his family member is insisting on a normal delivery and ends up with a medical complication to the baby, then god save the couple. imagine if one has to live with a morphed child for a lifetime. its better to be safe then to be sorry. god bless those who dare to question evidence based medicine practise and live with pseduo confidence.