Rating Feedback for Dr. Ruhe (1505457)

The rating:
'I love Dr. Ruhe but ultimately I switched doctors because of the staff she keeps at her front desk (well, at least one staff member that is always there). Dr. Ruhe is helpful and communicative, but you first have to get by the person manning her front desk, who more often than not is the same man who is usually unhelpful, skeptical, and plain rude. I won't go into details, but I had three interactions with him that left me frustrated, bewildered, and (once) on the verge of tears! Women's health has a long history of secrecy, and it's usually fraught with lack of communication. When you're brushed off by the front desk guy who ultimately is the gatekeeper to the doctor, deciding what messages to pass on, not once, it just becomes plain frustrating! I would recommend Dr. Ruhe as a doctor, but not her practice. :-('
Today I had the exact same experience. He is so rude and I left in tears. There are great doctors out there, no one should have to deal with an incompetent staff. Especially when going to the Gyno is emotional enough. I'm changing doctors and advise others to do the same.