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'This rude Dr. answered his cell phone in the middle of my visit left me sitting for 5 minutes in the exam room. Can write prescription real fast but very little time for patients. Wanted a second opinion on a test that was performed by a specialist and he acted like I insulted him personally. I am currentlly seeking another doctor.'
holy crap he does that almost every time i come in...answers his cellphone!! I am on the methadone and have had clean urine screens this entire time (11 months) up until 2 in a row that showed a relxant(oxazapam) because i had taken valium when I was really sick and had an abcess tooth and he ignored all that...so he did the *snipping fingers* motion and goes *cut off sooon if u dont follow my rules" and i felt like "wow i have gone from a street addict to immediate clean screens and mess up almost one year later HARDLY and i drive back home feeling like hell, scared, worried. I found information to be LACKING everytime i go in!! he used to be so great!