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'Too bad none of these reviews were posted back when I was treated by Dr. Klemons, which was in Sept 2011. I could have avoided wasting $5,000 and having things made worse with no improvement at all. My hearing became extremely congested from using the splint treatment he gave me. I informed Dr. Klemons about this and he became extremely defensive and said, "Maybe it's a new symptom of TMJ." He didn't even bother to address the issue and told me that I should keep wearing the splint. After a few months of treatment, I wasn't getting any better, so he referred me to other specialists. In addition, I decided to discontinue the use of the splint and my ears cleared up right away. Then, a few days later I decided to try the splint again, and my ears stuffed up again! Luckily, I found another TMJ doc who was able to fix my jaw. No more clicks and my jaw could open up straight! Please be careful, shop around, do your own research, and go with your gut feeling. Doctors don't know everything.'
First, thank you for your feedback, however, we have checked our records and could not find anyone fitting the profile and clinical history described in your comment. To be clear, I NEVER refer to the conditions which we treat as "TMJ" because that's the name of a joint. What would you think of a doctor who told you that you had pain in your arm because you had "elbow?" We have been SUCCESSFULLY eliminating ear "congestion" (also called pressure) for 40 years.

My GOAL is a 100% success rate for every patient - meaning that each patient signs off that all symptoms are completely gone at discharge. Our practice has a very high success rate treating a number of challenging conditions. And we are proud of our results. - particularly since the vast majority of our patients have seen numerous other doctors prior to coming to our practice.

If we do not believe we can help a particular patient, we do not treat that patient. Instead, we refer him/her to other specialists - as appropriate. Nor do we continue prolonged treatment if the patient cannot sign off indicating there is significant clinical improvement.

We invite you to call us at your convenience so we can discuss your concerns more substantively.