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'Dr. Ong-Lam has one medical receptionist. "Jennifer" juggles a myriad of patients, test results, and Dr. Ong's schedule including her practice, SPH's Clinic, BC Cancer Agency and UBC Med School. In over a decade, Jennifer has always "come through" for me, especially when I've had to re-schedule an appointment with Dr. Ong, who has a three-year waiting list. Not having calls regarding rescheduling is a policy started in 2006, due to excessive demands being made on Jennifer's time, at the potential detriment to other patients. As the answering machine recording states, referrals from other docs should be made by fax. That alone should give you some idea of the demands on the office's time. Dr. Ong is simply trying very hard to reduce patient wait-times on that three year waiting list, and to get as many patients into a "pain-free" zone as quickly as possible with stability. Jennifer has been with Dr. Ong for almost 20 years because patients like her, and she is productive and efficient.'
Dr. Ong has 2 receptionists actually - Jennifer works M-Wednesday and the other one works Thursday/Friday I believe. Sandy is no longer in the office (nurse) as the study on puffer fish that Dr. Ong was involved in and Sandy was running is finished.
According to Dr. Ong, when I saw her 8 days ago, her waitlist is not at the 3 year length that it was through the early/late 2000's. Apparently now it is more "reasonable". Not quite sure what that means! She has been treating me for over 10 years and has helped me immensely. One of the comments below was spot on - Dr. Ong knows when you are telling her a "story". I have witnessed this many times and she does not have the patience or the tolerance for these types of patients (or ones that abuse medication). Perhaps that is why some of you find her rude. Personally, I like how she is direct and to the point - I get through the appointment faster and she tells me the truth without beating around the bush regarding questions that I have regarding my treatments or that other specialists that are on my team have for my care. She is a great person to bounce ideas off and to test theories. Jennifer is the backbone of the office though and keeps Dr. Ong organized.

You would be lucky if they

You would be lucky if they even called you back. I am just trying to get them to call back and I am one of their patients. I would look for a new doc because they honestly just don't care one way or the other.

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