Rating Feedback for Dr. Iriye (2414584)

The rating:
'I have high respect for Dr. Iriye, but the big problem is his front desk staff, specifically Colleen at 7 Hills office. I have been a patient there for several years now and every time I have to speak with Colleen I strongly want to drop this practice and find another high risk pregnancy center. We, high risk patients, already have enough stress in our lifes but to deal with a very rude, heartless, insensitive person like Colleen. It is very unprofessional for her to show that she is highly bothered and inconvenienced by any questions or requests that come from a patient. It is very sad that the office reputation is suffering because of people like Colleen.'
My deepest apologies. I have discussed this with Colleen and our office managers. I am somewhat concerned as I have not had a complaint from a patient about Colleen in a decade and also I often hear praise associated with her from patients and doctors offices alike. I have not worked at the 7Hills office in greater than 5-6 years so I wonder why your calls were forwarded through that office as they would usually go through our central office at Pinto Lane. Again, my apologies. Our office has once again for the third time in the last 5 years gone thru customer service training recently to always try to provide the best care. This is something other offices rarely do. You may feel free and I would encourage you to ask for me at the office (Dr. Iriye) at anytime by calling 3823200 to further discuss any of your concerns and update me more on the specific interactions.