(Review) File A Medical Board Complaint

As a family member to a physician with experience in arbitration and Mediation in medical dispute,
I always refer the article File Medical Board Complaint to other people that wants to complain.

If they desire shorter version, I will simply quote from the article: ...a state medical board does not operate in your interest. Board members are not paid by you, they are not your friends, and they have no vested interest in your welfare....

Who's your friend? The ones that is willing to offend their best friends to protect your interest.
Do they have vested interest in your (patient's) welfare? Unless you have direct power to discipline him/her.
Don't be fooled by the board's claim that there are public members that sits the board, since they are easily swayed by "experts" or "authority"'s opinion. Dismissal is the default decision, and pending cases are piling up to wear down complainants' patience in hope that they will drop the cases voluntarily.

You still need to complain, but make sure you don't complain ONLY to the medical board (or college). If you do, chances are your case is "killed" silently. Go loud.

I pretty much agree with

I pretty much agree with everything pizadon said here. IMO, the state medical boards' primary purpose is to keep government out of the hair of the medical industry, by purporting to police themselves.

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