Rating Feedback for Dr. Giannelli (1119877)

The rating:
'I went to check a mole out, skin color hardly visible. The staff asked all info about my healthcare, saying want to check benefit before I show, which is fine. I told the staff on the phone let me know if any charges besides my usual $30 copay. During the visit, Dr. said the small growth is malignant but said can cut it out. I hesitated but was told the scare will be almost invisible. Before I agreed, asked to confirm that the biopsy will not result in additional charges. The nurse said "no, don't worry about it." I said clearly if additional, I won't do it. I was ensured no additional charge again. 2 mon later, I got a bill for $100! Such a scam. Not only that, my previous almost invisible mole now is a big dark scar in the shape of a "cross". Obvious & unsightly. This office lie about charges & perform procedure that resulted in worse condition. DON'T GO! They obviously cares for $$ not you.'
I had to the respond because my experience was for the same I went in for the same thing which I was told should be removed because it was resting on my spinal cord (just from looking at it apparently he could tell) I was informed that they would test it and there was to be no extra charge and further that the scar would be invisible --> it is not. My charge that I recently was informed of by a third party company is for over $100 (I have no clue why) and I never received the results of the non-mole. Also I was diagnosed with versicolor for which was a script was filled for a product that did nothing. I am trying to get my issues resolved.