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The rating:
'I do NOT recommend Dr.Honke. Staff: friendly enough. Punctuality: Late. Helpfulness: very in extracting more money from you as well as your teeth! Knowledge:very. Long story short, had to wait, he tried to upsell to 'fix' my teeth which are great! Had three fillings. He and his assistant left a big piece of gauze in the side of my mouth which I did not discover till after the freezing wore off. I could have choked!! Well oiled machine - money, money, money!! Run!'
This is unbelievable--someone who was having a bad day and used this forum to vent. Dr. Honke has been our dentist for over 23 years, and also that of our family and many friends. He could not possibly be or have been (since he has just retired from his practice) a more professional, knowledgeable, caring, or kinder doctor. I had to see an oral surgeon a few years ago and while he was examining my inner cheek (for a growth Dr. Honke had noticed), he said my teeth and gums were in perfect shape and asked who my dentist was. The staff have all stayed and are beyond compare. I think I'm speaking for the great majority of his patients in saying what a wonderful dentist he was to all of us.