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'I saw Dr. Anderson for severe neck, arm and shoulder pain. After seeing him for about two months he has not done anything for me. He never really answered my questions about "what" it acutaly is that is causing my pain and just said that it would take "a while". After 4 months my pain came back. The other Chiropractor I am seeing now told me within 5 minutes of seeing me what it was and how to fix it. He also told me that Dr. Anderson's methods (the click pen he is using) was not the right way to treat my condition. He was also shocked to hear that Dr. Anderson has not adjusted me once. He told me because I have not been treated correctly the first time it is like walking with a broken foot for months and the recovery will be even longer now. I really feel that Dr. Anderson just wanted me to come back again and again. There has never been a treatment plan or time line. I am mad b/c after spending $300 of my insurance money there I have to start all over again and pay for it myself.'
All patients are told the very first visit that if you have questions are concerns please tell me. Not knowing who you are I will speak generally. I know that I would have told you that your problem may take a very long time to heal depending on the circumstances of your injury, and not everyone will respond. From your comments we did resolve your problem it is not the fault of my treatments that it came back. Preventive care would have been suggested to reduce the likely hood of a recurrence. You most likely re-injured it. My treatments are one of many ways that it could be treated. I have been in practice for 30 years the chiropractor you saw was being judgmental by saying it was the wrong way.