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'my pocketbook was picked clean...i wanted a consult, didn't get one. When i made the appointment, it was an automatic $100.00. After i paid my 1300.00, while i was on the table and dr. spier was lazering my toes, THAT IS WHEN HE INFORMED ME THAT NOT ALL FUNGUS IS CURED BY THIS TREATMENT. in fact, only 75% chance that it will cure my toes. I had had a pedicure 5 weeks prior to the treatment and that is when i recieved the fungus, so i didn't wait years to have treatment. I feel like i was taken advantaged of in every step of this process. i wish i could be one of those patients that love dr. spier, but i want to make sure that others don't have a bad experience like i did. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.'
We don't believe this review is from an actual patient for the following reasons. Everyone that calls and asks for a consultation is gladly given one. Every patient is told on the phone what the success rate is.In addition to that, each patient signs a consent form where the success rate is stated clearly in black and white. Treatments are not performed on a table, they are performed in a chair. Our fee is not currently, nor has it ever been $1300. We have treated thousands of patients, most with good results. Please notice that actual patients usually usually identify themselves on the review and don't post anonymously like this fake reviewer did.