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The rating:
'I went to see this doctor and the office was very nice. Almost like a high end bridal salon. Despite being the only patient there I waited over 1 hour.During this time I was overhearing personal conversations the staff was having about the doctor and her husband and the doctor and some other doctor she used to work with. Dr. Price seemed nice but she spent our whole visit talking about her office and not really my health concerns. When I was asking her about robotic surgery for my fibroids she seemed to not be too sure of herself. I then went on the DaVinci Robotic surgery site and I found Dr. Giovine and he is actually trained in robotic surgery ( Dr. Price I found out is not trained or approved even thought I went to her because it was on her website as something she does).'
It saddens me greatly to say that this "review" is entirely fictitious, obviously never occurred and clearly was not written by a patient, but most likely, a former colleague. Several blatant untruths reveal the writer has never stepped foot in my office. I wont take the time to reveal the many details that clearly show how manufactured and uninformed this review is, however I will cite a few examples. My receptionist is my only staff person working at the front desk. Therefore, the only conversations any patient could have possibly over heard was her answering our phones and greeting patients. Second, no patient has ever sat for greater than > 30 minutes, much less greater than > 1 hour in my waiting room. Additionally, no patient to date has visited my new office with a fibroid diagnosis requesting a myomectomy - period...much less via da Vinci robotic surgery. Finally, of the three robotic surgery cases I HAVE participated in this past month, one was jointly performed with (you guessed it) Dr. Giovine, whom is both my peer and another local OB GYN whom I recommend and do like very much. Yes, my name does not yet appear on the da Vinci web site as of this writing, and I do enjoy participating in the da Vinci online community forum. Lastly, there is no patient in my practice with a $ 35 co-pay with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.

In closing, I absolutely adore my wonderful patients and am bursting with excitement over my new practice and our holistic approach to total Womens Health. I am grateful and indeed humbled by the many kind comments and glowing reviews across the web over the years. Thank you!

To the person who fabricated this inconceivable, nee' poorly written review, I have filed a Doe Subpoena in NJ and CA with a request for your; IP address and host computer name from RateMD's server logs, as well as the source ISP and the ISP for RateMDs.com. Also, your PC and IP addresses can be compared to any other physician reviews and posts logged on this, plus other medical review forums, so please delete this entry and do not attempt to create any other fictitious reviews across the web. Libel and submitting false reviews is a Federal crime with the FTC and can be easily traced back to your IP address, computer name, domain, location and time. I can only give you the same advice that I give to all women, including those I have not had yet had the pleasure of meeting. Always take the high road and only in that way will you learn to ...Love Thyself.

Wishing everyone good health and blessings,

Dr. Andi