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The rating:
'I went to Dr.Barr to have juviderm plus lip injections. After two weeks, my upper lip was an unattractive duck bill and was out of proportion with my lower lip.I went back to Dr. Barrs office for my follow up and showed them. The nurse agreed and went to ask Dr.Barr what could be done. I was told that I could either have all of the juviderm dissolved out of my lips "without refund" OR I could pay an additional 600.00 to have more put in. These were the only two options. I rejected both of those options, I did not see why I should have to pay. They then showed me the door. It took me a week to find an excellent Doctor to do injections. Dr.A.J. at the anti aging clinic in Orillia. He looked at my lips and without me explaining what happened he told me that the previous injections were done horribly wrong. It took two appointments and a month to fix the damage. In short,lip injections are an art. Dr.Barr sucks terribly at this, needs training, and doesn't care if he screws up. STAY AWAY!'