Rating Feedback for Dr. Chun (2482355)

The rating:
'This Dr and staff were an absolute catastrophe. By far the most unethical medical environment I have ever seen. I seriously was in tears before going in to surgery. I felt like they were probably going to take my organs or do something weird instead of the reversal. They were THAT strange!!! I couldn't believe it. We were given the best rated tubes he could have and do you think he fixed them? No! BOTH of them are blocked. I am unsure that he even tried to fix them or if he just opened my stomach up? When I called him for an explanation he just said that he didn't know why they were blocked, but that it must have been something I had done, that I must have stressed too much and that is why they are blocked. Are you kidding me!? Not to mention I had a blood clot in my urinary system and it was causing an immense amt of pain and I was couldn't reach them at the numbers they gave me and had to go to the ER and spend another $3500 cash. Do not go here!'
When you say you had top rated tubes was that the rating Dr.Chun gave you post surgery or pre-op tests? Just curious. I had surgery there as well.