Rating Feedback for Dr. Lielmanis (2441091)

The rating:
'I cant believe these reviews. He is very polite, very funny and has lots of great stories. BUT, im not looking for a friend, im looking for a doctor. He is quick to dismiss you and you have to insist that he send you to a specialist. I have dozens of family members that see him and were all fed up with him. Going to look for a new doctor.'
Thank you for your comments...it is important to find a Family doctor with whom you have a therapeutic rapport and I wish you well in that regard.

I do often utilize " stories" to make a point or to send a message...parables...it is evident that they fell on barren ground.

It is noted that your comments were made in July...my colleague had just died and the office was in turmoil ...you evidently had a bad experience with my staff since you marked them so low...the ladies were very upset which is the only reason that I can imagine for them to have earned such a low score.

Best wishes and good health.