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'I was referred by my family dentist to see Dr. Chow to extract 2 teeth for my 7 1/2 year old son. The Vancouver office IS NOT child friendly in any way and he was running behind schedule so we had to wait even longer.He is not the best choice in oral surgeons to deal with children,in my opinion.I felt as though we were rushed through on our consult.Surgery went well, but he was in and out so fast.He rushed off so quickly, giving you no time to ask many post op questions.I would not recommend parents take their young children to him for dental procedures.'
It is unfortunate that you feel this way. We do take care of many children in our practice and usually they and their family feel great, having a great experience even with all the apprehension. We do have many patients to treat with varying degrees of urgency and we try our utmost to keep on time. But due to the Surgical nature of our practice, there are emergency patients that are in pain. With regards to the post-op, my surgical assistants have always given the post-op instructions and home care instruction sheet (unless there was something unusual with the surgery). However, if there are any questions from parents, I have always stopped to answer them. Again, my practice is not known for the above experience...and I am truly sorry you felt this experience. However, I am glad that you son's surgery went well.