Rating Feedback for Dr. Chemparathy (1563334)

The rating:
'Dr. Chemparathy is the best GP I've had. He's taken every concern I've had seriously, no matter how minor, and he always suggests several courses of action. He changes recommendations immediately based on patient feedback. He respects the intelligence of the patient -- he has never "dumbed down" or softened his diagnosis or terminology, and he's always responded well to hints that I know what I'm talking about concerning my medical health. I've always been concerned with a doctor not remembering either me or my history, but he knows my history well and remembers tests and annual procedures usually without having to refer back. Not only is he on time for appointments, but I often go in five minutes early (in one case ten), and can be seen immediately. Without a doubt, the most professional, knowledgeable and empathetic GP I've had. Highly recommended.'
it is strange, i found he to be completely the opposite of your description.....this is not to say you are wrong , i just find it peculiar how one doctor can have so many different opinions of him