Rating Feedback for Dr. Waterman (1227316)

The rating:
'This "Dr." and his "Manager" were having an argument on the phone in exam room, he left for "just a sec" (15 minutes) and all whilst I hear the Manager asking where the baggies went. Didn't think about it untill he and the other man, the manager, entered. I let him know he left the phone off hook and it was his reaction that alarmed me. Nexy, he decided to ask if I was gay, I am, and said yes, and he then told me that i looked like a club guy and did I want to go to his home later, then out. I have his home address, cell phone numbers, and even got calls from him after that fiasco. I left there ASAP, as I was not allowing this man who just admitted he was using drugs IN HIS OFFICE & hitting on me w/ his bf/manager. Had to claim I just got a call to pick up my grandma at her appt. This isn't LIBEL as stated below, as I have the proof, not to mention, the other comments are clear, "the proof is in the pudding" He was reported to FL Board, FDLE & the DEA. Do risk your life, look elsewhere'
I checked this out and it's completely false. This doc may have had some insubordinate employees but, he has never had any charges pressed against him or had a malpractice incident. SLANDER COMES TO MIND when I read this and I HOPE HE DOESN'T SEE THIS. HE PROBABLY CAN AFFORD AN ATTORNEY SINCE HE STILL WORKS 45 hours a week at age 56 as a licensed physician. Additionally,he actually cures people suffering people of miserable diseases. Thank god for docs like Waterman