Rating Feedback for Dr. BERNHEIM (1466504)

The rating:
'I would not recommend Dr. Bernheim to anyone. I was a returning patient after a colonoscopy several years ago. He was very unprofessional while discussing symptoms with me and basically ignored me. I was in pain and saw another doctor the following week who diagnosed my condition that required surgery to correct. His office staff was discussing me as I was checking out in patronizing manner. It overall the most negative experience I've ever had with the medical profession.'
A longtime acquaintance alerted me recently after reading the above review while posting their own rating online. The accusations in this review are suspicious and unsubstantiated. Although I am far from perfect, I cannot recall a single patient encounter as described above from that time period, nor in the past 20 years with thousands of patient visits per year. I have NEVER acted in an unprofessional manner with a patient. If my office staff were discussing the same patient as described, it would be a violation of confidentiality, which we don't tolerate. How can a single patient visit result in "unprofessional" behavior within the privacy of an exam room and instantaneously "patronizing" gossip by office staff upon the patient's exit? The most likely answer is that some individual used this forum for a personal vendetta. I can recall several unhappy patients over the years, each of whom discussed their grievances with me in person. This online bashing is cowardly at worst; you can say anything anonymously and without being held accountable for accuracy and veracity. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Peter Bernheim MD FACG