Rating Feedback for Dr. Schulte (1530237)

The rating:
'This was the most unprofessional mental health doc I have seen, known or heard about. Extremely insenstive, even inappropriate & openly showed feelings of distain without even taking the time to understand. He was seen 2x & never got any history whatsoever, or learned of past treatments. Yet he threw out a diagnosis within minutes & prescribed serious meds. When tried to discuss things, he quickly disregarded & acted as if he was above others. I think he actually brought harm to my child by making him feel hopeless & even more distrusting of therapists. I don't know how I will get my kid to try getting help from another psychiatrist in future. He just reinforced how bad psychiatrists can be! Doc was so bad I looked into reporting him to AZ licensing board & shocked to find out he has been on probation before for drug abuse:(http://azmd.gov/GLSPages/DoctorSearch.aspx).'
I am very sorry this person had such a negative experience. My goal is to help other as much as I can and I will do my best to do so going forward.
Bob Schulte