Panic attacks coming at me. WHY

I am on the mend from a severe motor vehicle accident. Still going to see phsyio, chiropractor, massage, accupuncture and exercise therapist. Still having issues with soreness, stiffness and pain. I am seeing a pain therapist that specializes in pain and he is also a counselor. He is great.

Things were going well...but then the last week I have been hit with panic attacks....and just being in a state of panic...

I wake up and feel ok, then the panic starts and sets in, releases somewhat, then comes back full force again.
But I have been going through this for the last five days....then I leave the city for a few days to have a holiday and visit friends, and am totally fine.

But come back home again today, and the panic is right back in me....

I am not sure what is triggering this panic and episodes of panic in me, but I am not liking it at all.

Any suggestions at this time would be great as I am not knowing what at all to do.

I did find some ativan that I had from 2010 when I had this issue, so this was the only thing that helped me get
back a little to normal.

Talk to your PCP about a

Talk to your PCP about a referral for a psychiatrist, you may need a combination of talk therapy and some medication to get through this, what you describe sounds like symptoms of PTSD related to the motor vehicle accident. Just saying, I am not a dr and I am not attempting to diagnose you, just voicing my opinion. It's best to deal with this sooner than later...and you should not take old meds that are not specifically prescribed for your current condition. Panic attacks can be very stressful but they usually respond to treatment, take care of yourself. Best of luck.

It's probably a transient

It's probably a transient stress due to your accident. However a panic attack tends to trigger more panic attacks. During a panic attack your feelings can be so awful that for the rest of your day/week you will be anxious when will it strike back again. This kind of defencive attitude might put you in a vicious circle. Panic attacks are not dangerous for your health, but with the wrong treatment they can affect your life. So if you see that they persist, try to find a psychiatrist who can treat you with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. NOT pills.

Did you come off any kinds

Did you come off any kinds of medication ?. It could be caused by a rebound from chemicals. I had it after I quit smoking.

I was going to ask about

I was going to ask about meds, too, at least half of which alter your steroid metabolism. Pain meds tend to lower your steroid levels which can lead to panic attacks.

I don't suffer from panic disorder, but have now had a couple of panicky episodes (two, going into brain MRI which I've done many times without any anxiety and still do) due to low cortisol levels at times. Taking a small stress does of hydrocortisone addresses it so well, I don't need to do anything else.

Hi, I felt the need to

Hi, I felt the need to answer. I am new to this website. About panic attacks. I have them too. The first thing you must tell yourself is: I am not going to die from this, this will pass. Deep breathing if you can. I know panic attacks are debilitating. Ativan I find gives me a feeling of lethargic. What I use is: 5mg of Rivotril in the day and 2mg at night going to bed. I have had 5 operations. First starting with my back for spinal stenosis. Second was, a tumor in my belly which ended up 7inches of intestine removed, a colostomy bag. In this operation the urologist stapled my ureter. Lovely... talk about panic. I had to be transported to a different hospital, because the hospital where I was were not equipped enough. Brought by amulance, came out with a nephrostomy bag, and tubes coming out of my back to my kidney. Yes panic.. then I had the reversal of the colostomy, then I had my kidney and ureter fixed. Then the next operation was, tummy aches again, heartburn... I had gall stones... lovely. Anyways there is hope, Rivotril works for me, doesn't make me feel tired and just relieves the ugly thoughts gently. I still have panic attacks, but through seeing a physcologist and physchiatrist and talk therapy has helped me tremendously. Its not to say that I will always have them or will they go away. Who knows, however I have tried many different meds and the very best one is Rivotril. Hope I made sense and hope this helps you. There is hope and there is tons of help out there. As our lovely med system, you have to fight for what you want. So don't stop until you get what you want, and get feeling better. Smile from within and try to be as positive as you possibly can. Please!! Another wink.

First things first, I'm not a

First things first, I'm not a professional caregiver in any sense. I've had 2 panic attacks in all my 62 years. Someone I know who is told me that pa's are reasonably easy to treat.

BTW, my second attack sent me ringing doorbells in the dead of night asking for assistance, which of course gave me no help at all. A waitress I knew talked me down from it. I'll be eternally grateful for that.

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