Rating Feedback for Dr. De Leon-Demare (2483822)

The rating:
'Well excellent care till she got ill and had to leave the clinic that she was working out of. However she would come in time to time to visit,told this by another Doctor with the other Doctors and staff at the clinic but DID NOT,as far as I know check on her past patiants to see if they were being looked after.Left me hanging.The other Doctors there,one that left just after she did and another who retired treated me like garbage and in fact did not even check what she wrote in my file and what they did check they didn't care.Finally FIRED the clinic and left the clinic to attend a new clinic. That Doctor there,also GREAT care also became ill and left. Now in real trouble because no Doctor to replace him till Dec.4 2012. So until then, still hanging. She was GREAT until she cared only for herself and NOT her previous patiants.Would have been nice to at least check to see if her patiants received the proper care. Thanks Kati hope you stay ill like me forever.'
Wow!Well here goes.Kati is now back from being ill and in the same clinic.However, they,at the clinic refuse to take a message for her from me nor let me talk to her.The so called manager of the clinic was supposed to call me but have not received anything.I guess Kati still not concerned about her paitiants and can't be bothered to check to see where their at.Thanks once again Kati and please,please,please get sick again and die this time.