Rating Feedback for Dr. Casden (1557022)

The rating:
'When you go to Beth-Israel you assume you are seeing the cream of the crop. I spent more time being examined by a nurse name Gilda whose bedside manner was lacking. She was curt, rude and obnoxious and assumes you are a twit. Get over yourself you witch! I made an appointment for a consult to see if I was a surgical candidate. Dr Casden came in and out of the room. My visit with him was not even a generous 5 minutes. It consisted of Gilda spewing the results of the exam like I was on medical rounds. He didn't even exam me. All he said was I wouldn't operate on you and that's it. And off he was.What a waste of my time, my insurance being billed, my copay and what a lack of empathy, compassion, and HUMANISM.I rate you and your twit of a tart nurse Gilda an F. And I'm being nice.'
I am sorry you feel like you had a bad experience in my office. We have a procedure we follow that works well and provides me with the information I need to make a good assesment of your situation. Sometimes i can help a patient and sometimes not. As a surgeon i think you would be happy i did not recommend surgery if I thought you would not benefit.