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'Disappointing.I sent a 15 pg history with images.The staff lost it. Office manager, Sue,blamed it on problem with my mail.Compiled 2nd portfolio,sent certified.Drove 62 mi to Westchester. After Dr. Casdenâ??s iphone call with family about using their boat that weekend,he came in late & unprepared for consult. He left to view material provided earlier.Dr gave a vague prognosis & quick nebulous range of possible surgeries. He insisted on a 7th CAT scan,cavalier to my concern of high radiation exposure again. Staff was uncooperative-refused help with file & could not provide co-pay receipt. Insurance billed for xrays not taken. I made 3 requests for copy of Drâ??s notes. Sue again blamed â??problems with YOUR mail.â?? Received 4th request. Visit left us the distinct feeling, supported by later calls soliciting surgery,that Dr.Casdenâ??s focus is on quantity of billable surgeries rather than a patientâ??s quality of life.This seems all too similar to the Laser Spine Institute trunk show.'
This is Dr. Casden and this rating is absurd. I will not address this patients issues as I feel they in now way reflect the quality of care I provide. I am a professional and would never discuss personal issues with a patient (I don't even own a boat!!!).

This person must be

This person must be hallucinating. Andy Casden is the most professional, caring and helpful surgeon I have ever met. His staff is wonderful, supportive and empathetic. Don't listen to this hair brain. its no doubt a pack of lies and obviously this person has a bobne to pick (no pun intended)!
fred kaplowitz

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