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'Dr Kaouk operated on myself last month, Ocotber 26th. He removed about 20% of my right kidney. I had a 2.5cm tumor in a very bad spot. he opened up my kidney like a book & removed the tumor. My body does not feel like any of my kidney is gone. i feel great. I'm very thankful for the skills of Dr Kaouk. He is a wonderful & amazing Dr.'
Jihad Kaouk was denied board certification by American Board of Urology. Did not meet the minimum requirements for a medical license in Iowa and under investigation by medical boards in Utah, Indiana, and Ohio. His department was cited by CMS for not having credentialing requirements or certification for staff or residents, or for use of the da Vinci device in which Mr Kaouk has a financial interest. Cleveland Clinic was removed CMS from "Deemed" status and placed under jurisdiction of the State of Ohio on 23 February 2012 for these violations. The Clinic remains under state jurisdiction. Many links to injury by Mr Kaouk can be found on the internet including kidneytransplantkiller.com

Since August 11, 2011 Jihad

Since August 11, 2011 Jihad Kaouk remains under investigation by state medical boards for multiple complaints of permanent injury to patients at the Cleveland Clinic. Investigations by CMS in February 2012 cited lack of credentialing requirements and certification of staff and residents in the Urology Department, Also cited were lack of any privileging requirements for use of the da Vinci device now under review for causing injury and death. Earlier CMS investigation noted Jihad Kaouk was performing two pairs of simultaneous surgeries per day. Interviews with the permanently injured patients shows they were not informed that their surgeries would be performed by inexperienced residents resulting in very negative outcomes.

Medical negligence;

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