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'PLEASE disregard the poor ratings. I sure it was just a hard time getting settled with a new place and staff. Nothing could be further from the truth about this lady. I am new to town and was so very pleased to find Dr Romanescu. She really is a caring, English doctor. I was so tired of every doctor accepting patients being new immigrants. So tired of trying to explain to people that I wanted an ENGLISH SPEAKING doctor without seems politically incorrect!!! That aside, she is helpful and understanding. Shes treated all 3 of my kids with warmth and compassion, as well as myself when going through kidney stones and depression. Again, disregard that bad ratings people!'
Just wait your opinion of this uneducated doctor will change after time. One can only hide the way they are until finally there true colours come out. She is the most uneducated irresponsible doctor I've ever met and wouldn't take my goldfish in to see her

She is not English. She is

She is not English. She is from Romania.

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