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'Arrogant & condescending manner, tries to scare you with the "oral cancer" checkup....seemed to focus somewhat on mind games vs. actually doing the job at hand'
I am unfamiliar with this website so this is the first time I have read this review. I am very sorry that you did not have a fantastic experience in our office and wish that you had spoken to me immediately regarding your visit. Since I don't know who you are I am unfamiliar with your past dental history and experiences. Oral cancer is a very scary disease. If treated early the success rates of treatment are significantly higher and this is why we provide a free oral cancer screening once a year, or more often at patient request. Not to mention this complies fully with the standard of care. If this was not explained to you fully, or if you had never received an oral cancer exam in the past, I can understand why you would feel as though we were using scare tactics. Regarding the mind games comment, again I am not sure what you are specifically referring to. The first appointment is very patient education driven and focused on giving you the most detailed amount of information regarding your oral health as possible. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and not appreciated or desired if someone presents with a specific concern that was not addressed or for example, just wants their teeth cleaned. Neither myself nor my team would be arrogant or condescending and if we came across that way it was completely unintentional. Often times, poor experiences are the result of our poor communication and are typically resolved easily once discussed. I would encourage you to speak with me directly so that I can have a better understanding of your time in our office and where we went wrong. I am not sure if you have come back to give us another try and if so, please speak with me regarding this posting so that I can understand more fully what we said versus what you heard. If not, I certainly hope that your dental needs are being more successfully met elsewhere.


Nicole Sivie, DDS, FAGD