Rating Feedback for Dr. Khattak (1428959)

The rating:
'Dr. Khattak, is a very caring psychiatrist. I like his bedside manner. He tries to encourage his patients to take charge of their own wellness. However, he will take charge when his patient is unable too mentally. He is the type of doctor that will call you at home directly to check on you. He is easy to get into see. Sometimes you have to ask him to speak up because he has an accent. He really goes to bat for his patients, and takes patient confidentiality seriously. He lets his patients run their own care however, will step in and certify you if necessary for your own safety. He doesnt force you to take medication.'
I'm surprised that Dr. Khattak called you at home to check on you. When I asked him if I could call if I had problems with my new meds or anything (my next appointment was 3 months away and he would not see me any sooner), he said, "No", and gave me no alternatives for getting help.