Rating Feedback for Dr. Martin (1527083)

The rating:
'A bone in my foot was broken and she refered me to a specialist who tried to scam me. The specialist told me to pay $20 IN CASH just for seeing him for 2 minutes and almost forced me to buy a cast for $200 and a pair of soccer socks for $20. When I tried to escape him by saying I had no money, he tried to make me call my parents and make them give my mom's credit card number over the phone. I said no and told him I'd contact him through my family doctor later. I never did, and dr.martin never called me either, and I've not called her or seen her ever since. I still have her as my family doctor because of lack of doctors in the north shore but jeez, she's horrendous.'
This is a goofy comment. It is not the fault of the referring physician that a specialist irritates the patient. Direct complaints to the specialist who irritated you. Dr. Martin did nothing wrong in referring you to a specialist. She does not control the specialist.