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The rating:
'Please, read this and do yourself a favor and don't come to Dr. Stanescu office. Don't fall for his promises because he won't be able to keep them. Through he "nice" guy talk, he will lull you into thinking he wants to help you. It is all just smoke. He ruined my teeth, I wish I never came to his office. Please do not fall for his $75 fee a month. I wish I read more reviews about him, before deciding to do anything. He treats people like items in the assembly line. I know that 99% of the people who go to him wont read this, but hopefully someone who cares and can do something about him will.'
Oh no! I just read all your reviews! In what way has your teeth been ruined? Have u finished the whole process of your braces??? IV just gotten into them for about 3 months now...but I'm wondering however can I get out of it....