Rating Feedback for Dr. Simons (773615)

The rating:
'I have a feeling that the large majority of you are upset bc you were either dismissed as a drug seeking patient, or the "medications" assigned were not the ones that you were seeking. I have been seeing Dr Simons for over 3 years, and have not had a SINGLE negative experience. I find it humorous that 12 people, only 12 people, out of the roughly 60 that he sees a day, have negative things to say. I also wish to advise anyone concerned with Dr Simons character, or his trustworthiness as a physician, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.!!!! You all know that you do not need a referral to visit this office, and that's why most do I am assuming... instead of moaning about it, get on the internet, get in your providers dictionary and find a new Doctor. I am fond of his entire staff, and have never been treated with anything but respect. Grow up and accept some responsibility for yourself, if you aren't happy with something CHANGE IT!'
At first I didnt want to justify your rude remarks with a response but I changed my mind. Clearly you are an uneducated person. I'm only sorry I'm just reading your comment now.

Just because so many people are speaking up about Dr. Simons in a negative way doesn't mean they're "drug seeking patients", I find your comments ignorant and narrow minded.

Did you ever think that most if not all that spoke up, myself included, are no longer going to him??!! I found the problem with Dr Simons exactly the opposite of what you're claiming. He is too quick to prescribe heavy meds. I am happy for you that you're happy with him. Good for you! Now grow up and state that plain and simple and leave the rest of us alone. You've never met us and your assumptions make you look foolish.