Rating Feedback for Dr. Vorobeychik (2419729)

The rating:
'My neurologist was unavailable, and sadly I was seen by her. I found her so unpleasant!! Worst bedside manner I have EVER experienced. I found her incredibly rude and brusque. Did answer most of my questions, but in a very dismissive way. Staff ignored all of us in the waiting room, receptionist literally kept me waiting for nearly 10 minutes while on her computer. (would have been okay if she'd at least acknowledged me!) BAD doctor! Go elsewhere!'
Firstly, there are 4 receptionists that work there on a rotational basis at the front. I find it hard to believe that you were kept waiting for 10 minutes as there is only a window there with the computer facing the same way. It would be impossible to ignore someone standing right in front of you. If you need something in the waiting room, why don't you come and ask? If the doctor is busy and running behind, it often happens because we have urgent patients who call and need to be fit in right now as they are having an attack. As well, Dr. Vorobeychik is on call and covers for other neurologists who may be away. She gets her dictations done and really advocates for patients, it's quite unfortunate that people can be so demanding about how she smiles etc, when really, she's focused on getting people better. She may not hand hold, but she does save lives, I've seen it myself.