Rating Feedback for Dr. Mills (2475347)

The rating:
'Dr. Mills was covering for my typical doctor and I wish I had waited. The visit started off well when he took me into an exam room in a timely manner, however, the visit only went downhill from there. I had to hold back tears as he dismissed my concerns. I felt he did nothing to assess my baseline knowledge on my health concern subject and delivered a textbook answer that I already knew. Being in the health care field as well, I probed for more information or reassurance that just wasn't there. This visit was a total waste of my time and I regret even giving him the opportunity to bill my visit as I felt he did nothing! Left the office crying and worse off then when I came in. I will NEVER go back to this doctor.'
I've had similar and worse experiences with fill in doctors. I like Dr Mills. He always has a good reason for his actions.