large herinated disc L4 L5 S1

has anyone experienced a large herinated disc at L4 L5 S1 ? Is surgery my only answer ?

Angela, you either have a

Angela, you either have a herniated disc at L4-L5 or at L5-S1; or two herniated discs, one at L4-L5 and another at L5-S1

Treatment options include physiotherapy, medication, injection of a steroid (cortisone) near the nerve root at the spine, and surgery. Surgery is the last resort if nothing else works and you still have pain and/or weakness. Surgery is the only treatment if you have the cauda equina syndrome.

Hi, I feel awful for you. I

Hi, I feel awful for you. I had surgery for those same herniated discs, back in 1990. This was after years of trying every form of therapy available. The surgery helped for about five years, then the pain came back. There was scar tissue, and arthritis, and a narrowing of the discs. Surgery is not an option. I've tried every new pain medication as it becomes available. The only thing that works for me is morphine. I take 300ml/day - a "high" dose, the doctors will say. I desperately need an increase in my prescription, but the regulations are limiting (although they do support it in my case) and my family doctor dropped me as a patient when I tried to make my case for an increase. You are treated like an addict and a criminal. My best advice to you is to find a good doctor, who is up to date on the research that support higher morphine in some cases (assuming nothing else works for you either, of course). Chronic, acute pain actually causes brain damage, but this is reversible with effective treatment, that is pain relief. Good Luck.

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