Rating Feedback for Dr. Benton (2446016)

The rating:
'He is the most unprofessional "doctor" I have ever seen. He can't be bothered with questions, he is rude and does not document your patient file. If he ever sends you for any time of lab work, or radiology outside of his office - INSIST THAT YOU RECEIVE A COPY OF THE REPORT YOURSELF!!! He will NOT SHARE WITH YOU THE RESULTS IF IT CAUSES ANY EXTRA WORK FOR HIM. Stay away - find another doctor! This Doctor just wants to sell CPAP machines whether you need it or not and then strings you out forever. He is completely unethical.'

This angry note is totally inaccurate and grossly misrepresents the commitment to quality, communication, and patient satisfaction that my staff and I have maintained since we opened our office. This person certainly never expressed their dissatisfaction to me, because if they did the issues would have been immediately resolved or they would have been recommended to consult another physician who could better meet their needs. To anonymously describe me as unprofessional and unethical is unprofessional, unethical, and irresponsible, and I invite this person to include their name with their comments, or better yet speak to me in person about the many concerns they have expressed.