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'She is pleasant and explains her procedures. However, she did not tell me to continue to eat gluten prior to having a celiac blood test performed, which costs $125 (resulting in inconclusive results, and the cost of the test was not disclosed to me prior to having it done either). Out $125 and no results...Disapointing. She looked online??? at meds available for my condition and prescribed crohns meds that made me very ill, however would not see me when I called the office (I wasn't sure if it was the meds or something else). I was instructed to see my family doc or go to emerg. Since I am not a textbook case and have some symptoms of crohns, celiac and ulcerative colitis, she's baffled and sent my tests to another specialist for their input and I believe she is ready to drop me as a patient because she can't conclude on a diagnosis! Makes me wonder how specialized she really is.'
Have you heard of Behcet's Disease? The symptoms you are describing are similiar to those who have Behcet's.I'm no doctor, but it's worth looking into...