Rating Feedback for Dr. Kaila (2429793)

The rating:
'I got a gastric balloon in dec 2011. It was the worst experience I have ever been through. The staff call and hound you prior to surgery but once you have paid you are forgotten about. The health coach was nonexistent. When I needed a refill on a rx for influx I was told repeatedly that they will phone it in. It never was. The staff are VERY rude and unintelligent. The only saving grace is a few of the nurses but they quit on a regular basis because the place is so bad to work in. Do your research carefully. Also bear in mind that in 2012 Dr. kaila lost his license to work in the local hospital. That alone should warn you to STAY AWAY!!!'
I am looking for more information. I too have put in a complaint with the college and am currently in Court with Bluewater (dr. Kaila). I am looking for a letter of support from other patients who have had issues. Please email me at

[email protected]