Rating Feedback for Dr. Pierce (2369568)

The rating:
'Do not go to this man. He just wants money, not the best for you or your children.. I recommend Dr. Tsintolas in Gaithersburg, MD. I wish I found him before, so I didn't have to waste 2 years with Dr. Pierce's stingy self. Now I have to restart the entire treatment..but I am with a better doctor. Everyone there loves him, and it's a happier environment than Dr. Pierce's office.'
Not sure what you mean by stingy. Sometimes when patients are not fully educated about procedures they can become frustrated by different feedback from various doctors. Often times there are more than one way to treat an issue and the less expensive way may not always be the best. I have gone with a less expensive choice for a medical procedure only to find out in the end it wasn't the wise way to go. Doctors will do a less expensive treatment to gain new patients and gain trust, but be careful with this it may not be in your best interest.