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The rating:
'Dr. Laufer is a pompous. Fifteen years ago I asked for a breast reduction and removal of breast implants. His EXPERTISE advice to ME (pre op)was I don't think you will be happy without implants, because (according to him) I didnt' have enough breast tissue. I will decide "While I have you in surgery doing a breast reduction, if I THINK you need implants." he said. When I awoke, he told me he had to put implants in, because I would not have been happy without them. I was very disappointed at the news. I listened to this surgeon who I trusted. My wants and needs were not important, but only what was quickest and easist for him in surgery )for in his opinion I would look good). For the past 15 years, I have suffered with oversized breast (AGAIN)on a small frame until one of them finally ruptured and I had them removed. No implants replaced. I feel like a beautiful normal woman again, and I have plenty of breast tissue 34 D breasts on a small frame. I would not recommend him.'
It is very hard to respond to a comment made anonymously,since it really doesn't sound like something I would do.
When I perform breast reduction I do not add implants since I'm already downsizing the breasts for a reason.
Maybe this patient requested a breast lift procedure and in those cases sometimes we add implants for a nicer shape and volume.
BTW, I don't think that any of my patients ,and I have been a plastic surgeon for over 30 years,would describe me as pompous.