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'I had the missfortune of meeting this man 5 years ago for some bully issues i was having. After listening to me rant he immediately wanted to start me extreme anti depressant drugs (i was 11), recommended immediate psychoanalysis and i even remember him accusing me of having a possible anti social personality...my mom was furious grabbed my arm and we just walked out. This guys a nut, i was being bullied in school as was down about it and he pretty much called me mental, where antisocial came from i still dont know. This man was brutal totally went over the top for a simple bullying issue and he wanted to go to such extremes. Dont bring your kids to this guy ever, he'll try to put them on drugs for no reason, hes just to lazy to try to fix the problem by talking and soothing the child. Instead he just calls the kid crazy and prescribes pills. Worst Doctor EVER..'
Why see a doctor about bully? they can't do anything about it.

While seeing him he tried everything and anything he could except suggesting medication, I had to be the one to ask for it. so maybe in your case you actually really did need it.