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'We LOVE Dr. Williams! He was the first OB we interviewed when we moved to TO & didn't bother interviewing anyone else. It was important for me & my husband to find a doctor whom was genuinely supportive of our natural birth plan and we feel very lucky that we were all on the same page from day 1. I was pleasantly surprised at how much time he spent with us during our very first visit and he was always patient with all my questions throughout the pregnancy. My husband and I wanted minimal interventions and that's exactly what we got. Dr. Williams even faxed our birth plan to the hospital in advance. All the nurses we worked with never once offered us pain meds during labor. In a nutshell, my labor began & progressed very quickly. Dr. Williams arrived at the hospital shortly after we did & in three pushes my baby was out! I can't thank Dr. Williams enough for such a flawless delivery. We feet so blessed to have had our dream birth experience & could not have hoped for a better doctor!'
I Love You Too Smiling I personally could not ask for a more wonderful patient and I really truly thank you for your kind review!

Dr. Williams