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'I found out about Dr. Williams through the Tricare office, on the Port Hueneme base in Oxnard. I know that it was God who directed me to find the perfect doctor. This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to have the best doctor who knew what he/she was doing and would make me feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. I have been thanking God everyday because Dr. Williams and his staff made me feel very safe throughout the whole pregnancy. My husband met Dr. Williams for the first visit when I was 7 wks pregnant, and my husband did not have any complaints about Dr. Williams or his staff. After the first visit, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Going to Dr. Williams office made me feel at home and very comfortable, especially since my husband was away. Even though I had a minor scare, in the middle of the pregnancy, Dr. Williams did everything to help me through it. Dr. Williams supported my decision about not wanting any pain meds during labor.'
I am also glad that God sent me to you and happy to have been a part of your very special birth story Smiling
Best Wishes to You!
Dr. Williams